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Mir Realtors
FS 1, North Avenue, Paramara Road, Opp Town Hall,
Ernakulam North, Ernakulam -682018, Kerala, India
Mir Realtors is an ISO-certified eco-friendly builder. The company’s signature township “Green Metropolis” designed on 6 acres of gr Read more

Mir Realtors is an ISO-certified eco-friendly builder. The company’s signature township “Green Metropolis” designed on 6 acres of green expanse at Kakkanad, Cochin is the first eco-friendly self-contained township in Kerala. Located in close proximity to Smart City, the project comprises of 400 dwelling units and a 32-storeyed twin tower apartment complex, the tallest in South India.

Mir Realtors is also constructing the largest township in Trivandrum “The Greens” on 11 acres of lush greenery at Karakulam near Peroorkada. Located on the state highway to Nedumangad, the proposed project features 364 dwelling units and exclusive Pool Villas.

Following an enthusiastic response from NRIs and other investors, Mir Realtors is in the process of initiating its third project, a beach-front township at Kannur.

The Mir Group is one of the leading and fastest growing business houses in South India with an aggregate annual turnover of INR 2500 Million. Spearheaded by Indian businessmen with NRIs in Russia and the Middle East, the group is engaged in diverse business sectors: Real Estate, Consultancy, Tourism, Hospitality, International Trade, Biotechnology, Infrastructure, Energy Management and Education. Headquartered in Cochin, Kerala the Group enjoys a wide network of operations in India and a strong presence in UK, USA, Middle East, Europe & other Asian countries. The Group has innumerable associates across the globe and directly employs close to 350 people in India.

Mir Group’s well-earned reputation is based on time-tested corporate values, which includes strong adherence to ethical codes of business, social consciousness and responsibility, commitment, integrity and fair relations with both customers and employees.

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