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Visiontux Innovation Access Control Security Products and Accessories
Visiontux Innovation Access Control Security Products and Accessories
Visiontux Innovations, Velayudan Vaithiyan Building, 2nd Floor, Padma Junction, M.G.Road, Cochin - 682035
Padma Junction, Ernakulam -682035, Kerala, India
A Security Lock is an urgent requirement for Every Organization and a Company to Protect their Assets and Information Safe and Secure for the well be Read more

A Security Lock is an urgent requirement for Every Organization and a Company to Protect their Assets and Information Safe and Secure for the well being of the Office and Security assured Protection. Biometric Door Security Lock keep your Security in such a strong position that , without your Biometric Access or Fingerprint Access Control Attendance Impression Nobody is able to access your Security Door Lock Application or Biometric Lock for a Special Asset or a Document Material. To open your Security Door Lock Application or Biometric Security Automatic Gate, you need the presence of the person who marked his Fingerprint Access Control Attendance or Biometric Identification Mark which enable you to open the Asset or the Credential Documents.

Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System for IT Companies and Shops with Door Security Biometric Lock Attendance Maintenance plays an important role in making the Company or Shop well ordered and Up to date with stored information about Employees and regular Asset Management with Data, Registry and File Recording System. Biometric Identification and Detection is the idea behind keeping your Security Asset Safe and Secure. Time Attendance System with proper Security and Biometric Identification of each Employee while keeping their biological records in your data Directory will help you to acquire Information within a moment with the presence of the Employee and to track Employee Attendance Records with your stored data inside your Registry.

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Boom Barrier Security Gates or Automatic Door Access Control System for a Building is an excellent Protection according to the Biometric Security Door Access System and Boom Barrier Gate System. RFID Card Readers are used as recording devices for Employee Attendance Maintaining System or Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System with Proximity Cards to maintain Employee Attendance Management with Biometric Door Security Applications and keeping up to date Records. Biometric Door Locks can be widely used in Jewelries, Vehicle Shops and Bank Lockers to keep highly credential Assets and Properties. Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System can also be act as a Fingerprint Door Lock while keeping your Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock Data with special Codes and Information.

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Door Security Applications such as Fingerprint Door Locks and Fingerprint Attendance Devices or Biometric Door Locks,Biometric Attendance Systems are closely correlated , since a Fingerprint Identification Door Lock can also act as a Fingerprint Employee Attendance System . Biometric Security Gates and Boom Barriers based on RFID Card Readers are used for maintaining Security for Large Shopping Malls and Complexes. Biometric Access Card Readers Security System Biometric Door Lock make your Office or Organization highly Comfortable with Secure , Safe and Automation System.

An Effective Building Management System or a BMS Security System will be successful with all Security System Product installations such as CCTV Cameras, Boom Barriers, Automatic Security Gates, Fire Alarms, Fingerprint Door Locks and Biometric Locks. Biometric Security Systems for a Building are Wireless Devices which automates the entire Operation of a Building with a central unit which control each and every Security Devices according to their Purpose. The efficient working and functioning of a Building , is depending on the mode in which the Security Access Systems and Access Control Security Systems are arranged Evenif it is a House, Hotel, Hospital, Lodge or a Shopping Complex Building.

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The variety Security Systems varies as Attendance Marking Fingerprint Reader Devices, CCTV Security Cameras,Fire Alarms, Punching Cards, RFID Tags, Smart Card Reader, Audio Video Systems, Automatic Security Gates, Boom Barriers, Building Management Systems, RFID Card Reader, Theft Prevention System, Fingerprint Access Control Door Locks, Door Access Control Equipments,Access Card Reader, Biometric Locks,Fingerprint Security Door Locks, Hid Bio class Reader, Fire Control Panels, Wireless Smoke Detectors, Public Addressing System, Video Conference System, DVR CCTV Security Camera System, Building Security System Services, CCTV Spy Cameras, Ground Public Addressing Systems, HVAC Control Systems, Steel Boom Barriers, Turnstile Security Gates, Flap Barriers Video Surveillance Systems,Audio Communication Systems and more.

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The necessary requirement with an effective Building Automation Security Systems are Fire Smoke Detector Security Device, Theft Control Devices, CCTV Wireless Cameras, Biometric Door Locks, Steel Boom Barrier Gates, Turnstile Security Gates, Fire Control Panels, Fingerprint Door Locks, Smart Card Readers and more. RFID Tags are used as Security assured Devices to products delivering in the Textile Shops, Jewelries, Shoe Shops and to other Security required Products. RFID Card Reader Boom Barrier Gates are efficient Security Gate Opening System which will reduce the difficulty in opening and closing the Gate by a Security Personal and to check the identity Cards of each and every person entering into your Compound. The Smart Card Reader attached to the Automatic Gate System or Boom Barrier will, identify and record the Source and Information of the Person or Vehicle in Which who is entering into your Compound or Office Premises.

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An Overall Security System for a Building should have Theft Prevention Techniques such as Burglar Alarms, Intruded Alarms, Theft Detection Panels, Burglar Security Alarms and more. An automatic Building Management System will be successful with Coordination of efficient Security Devices such as Fire alarms, CCTV Cameras, Theft Control Panels, Automatic Security Gates, Door Access Controller and RFID Card Reader Thumb Fingerprint System.

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